Monday , May 17 2021

Chattis Chuite BCL dayall

Only five days ago, two BCL fractions were facing each other. Bijoy and CFC BCL organizations in Chuete During the conflict, police arrested six people on both sides. By dragging the case against these six people, the BCL factions were in conflict with the police and demanded a four-point request.

On Sunday morning, the shuttle train was abolished, shut the whistle in the jetty, cut off 30 buses on the campus and blocked it with a super glue, closing the main door of the campus, locking the facade in the classroom. Program obstacles, stop moving all kinds of vehicles on campus, including the entire campus Over time, Chhatra activists tried to kill people.

Campus sources said a group of members of the BCL Chhatra League launched a protest protest on Sunday in the name of the blockade program at the campus, which required a four-point gunshot request against six BCL activists and Proctor's resignation. The program began on Sunday morning, stopping the main gate of the university from 7:30 am. At the beginning of the blockade, part of the hose tube separated the train from Chittagong Railway Station and blocked the transport to the campus.

Then, at 12 o'clock, the university authorities called blockers to withdraw the blockade. But BCL leaders and activists did not respond. After the police came and tried to move them, activists and activists of BCL clashed with the police.

During that time the campus became a battlefield. At the beginning of the conflict, the police began to fire after a tear-off, and BCL activists also began to throw bricks. The police used rubber bullets and water disputes to dispel protesters. Although many are injured, the exact number is unknown. Some police sources say some police officers are also injured in a ciglars' stove.

Meanwhile, the campus bus could not go to the city to bring the teachers to the teacher before obstruction. Because of the blockage, shuttle trains and teachers did not have a shuttle from the morning, the presence of teachers and students on the campus was smaller.

It should be noted that members of "Bijoy" and "CFCs" who participated in the shuttle train were injured in the March 31 conflict on Facebook's Friend. Three people were injured in this conflict After the collision, the police searched for a few bullets and found two bullets and a sharp weapon. The next day, April 2, there were again conflicts between the two groups on the campus. Then the police arrested six people.

Later, a request for the release of six people was named as the successor to the late president and mayor of Chittagong City Awamija, Mayor of ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury. Police have arrested two members of both sides of Chittagong University due to the conflict between two BCL groups; Now the campus stagnated due to the two-party blockade requesting their release.

Vice Rector of the University prof. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury told reporters: "Sunday was caused by chaos on the campus. If they come to us with logical requirements, then this will be discussed.

Meanwhile, the inspector at Akhtaruzzaman University College said on Sunday afternoon NineGentti that the situation is now under police control. He said the police were prepared to face any unfavorable situation, and hundreds of policemen were on campus.

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