Monday , July 26 2021

Children's academic program at Shishu College in Calcutta

Representative of Calcutta on November 8, 2018, Thursday, 8:40

Children of the Bangladesh Shishu Academy in Calcutta, a bookkeeper of Bangladesh, impressed people from Calcutta offering dance and singing festivals. The current audience greeted them with applause. Before the ceremony on Monday night, the director of the Children's Academy said children's participation in Bangladesh was growing in various cultural activities. And the children's academy is continually working on this issue. He said the children were associated with the Children's Academy of Bangladesh, praised by the service of cultural programs in different countries of the world. In Calcutti, 23 children presented their cultural presentation. The children of Shishu Academy were on a variety of occasions using dance programs, their programs. On this occasion was attended by the musician of Partha Baru. Prior to the Shishu Academy Program, Bangladesh Shishu Academy Director Anjir Liton attended a seminar on Bangla Shishu Sahitya Publications & # 39; A special guest was Partha Barua, a Bangladeshist. He was led by Sanjida Jasmin, First Secretary (Political) of the Bangladesh High Representative in Kolkata. The poet Dip Mukherjee, Sandip Naik, Maruful Islam and others participated in the discussion. Bachik artist Rekha Chakraborty, Deep Mukherjee, read the songs. In the responsibilities of the show, the poet Aslam Sunny

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