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Chittagong is waiting for Daku – Share Biz

Sports Reporter: After they came to the BPL in Chittagong, they were trying to find themselves lost in Chittagong Viking. At the end of the match, Cameron Delport and Mushfiqur Rahim returned to the team returning themselves. Andy Russell hit him all the time and Shakib Al Hasan stopped a storm with 11 runs in the team of the port city. Simon Hotmail's students confirmed they would wait Dhaku to pay as a third party. Earlier, Comilla Victorians and Rangpur Riders made the first and second team in the last four.
Earlier, ignoring Rasel's hat-trick in the first conversions, Chittagong had achieved 174 tracks for five slots. Daleport 71 and Mushfiq made 43 of them. After the start of Abu Zayeda the start of the day, and Dasun Shankar finished with the last bowling of 9 expert at 163 for 163 races in Dhaki. However, Rasel and Shakib picked up a stick for the team. But they could not finish the match.
Chittagong Opener Mohammed Shahzad and Delawand have started well in 42rd place at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong. After that Shajad returned and added another 46 runs with Daleport Yasir Ali Chowdhury. At one point, the South African batsman picked up 43 races in half a century
On the one hand, delporte plays great. On the other hand, Mushfiqur Rahim gave him a suitable company. They got 79 races in their third partnership with the viket. Actually, Chittagong Vakings walked on a big run in their hitting. But recently, Russell's first ball was removed from the border and Delawat was caught out of the house. Prior to this, he has scored 71 of 57 balls with 4 six and 5 four. Mushfiqi (43 off 24 balls) hit the ball through the crowd. After crossing the third ball, Dasun Shank was caught in the hands of Mizanura. Russell made the third hat as the third semifinals in the BPL. At the same time, he took three hat-tricks as the third pole star in the right hand of the T20. Before that, Indian Amit Mishra and Australian Andrew Tiayer
Shakib got three bugs for 24 runs in the Dhaki Rasel pocket in the first three runs of 38 runs.
Dhaka lost in the first changes Abu Zayed was fifth in the first, after Sunil Narine caught behind the door. Long-time technicians Roni Talukder and Mizanur Rahman. In their misunderstanding, Mizanur shortened the race to 17 races in the team. Shortly thereafter, Roni became the victim of Abu Zayeda. Later, Shakib gave Bangladesh a partnership with Nurul Hasan for 50 days. But Nurul made 33 runs for Delwar as LBW, but in a hurry. Kieron Pollard also has a way to show his teammates. Then there was another crisis in Dhaki. From here, former BPL champions show the light of Russel-Shakib's sixth lead pass. They hit both ends.
In the past 10 years, the Shakib-Russell couple has dropped a 100-run equation of 68 running on 39 balls. At one stage, they added 66 runs in 40 balls so that Daka could easily win. But in the 17th innings, Russell was released in a bilateral meeting between Delaware and Sri Lanka, Dasun Shankar cut off a dangerous partnership. Before returning, Russell made 39 runs in 4 quads and 2 six in 23 balls. Soon after Naeem Hasan took his catch, Shuvagat home. Shakib was still displaying a dream about Dhaki In the last two rounds the team needed 26 runs. In this situation, Shakib took four for the second ball 19 and hit half a century. But Shankar later called leftists to reject the timing. That's why Naeem caught 53 of 42 balls. In the autumn he lost his boots. The team grew more than a playoff.
Abu Zayed Chowdhury took three bugs for 25 runs. Shanaka took two doors for 34 tracks. After a hat-trick and a storm hit, Russell lost the award to win Cameron Dellport.
Short description:
Chittagong Vikings: 174/5 in 20 oversa (Shahzad 21, Delport 71, Yasir 19, Mushfiq 43, Shankara 0, Raja 6 *, Mosaddek 1 *, breza 4-0-35-0, Russell 4-0-38-3 , Shakib 3-0-24-0, Narine 4-0-20-2, Rubel 4-0-40-0, Mahmudul 1-0-8-0)
Dhaka Dynamites: 163/9 in 20 oversu (Mizanur 11, Narine 0, Ronnie 6, Shakib, Nurul 33, Pollard 0, Russell 39, Shuvagat 5, Generation 7 *, Mahmudul 2, Rubel 0 *, Abu Zayed 4-0- 25 -3, Khaled 4-0-35-0, Naem 4-0-37-1, Daleport 4-0-31-1, Shanaka 4-0-34-2)
Result: Chittagong Vikings wins with 11 runs.
Founder Match: Cameron Dellport

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