Tuesday , January 26 2021

Discussion of rewarding stars from small screens Fun

Where stars from all over the world worked for Corona, some of the stars from the small screens of our country have announced their salaries. Corona demanded several salary increases for security reasons during the shooting. Seeing this, many stars have increased their salaries in the new year.

Tousif Mahboob, a busy actor on small screens, said that he has informed everyone who wants his shooting schedule to increase the award in the new year. Until last year, Tousif paid Rs 40,000 for acting in one play. From 2021, this actor will increase his salary by 60 thousand rupees by increasing 20 thousand rupees. If you want to take actor Jovan, you have to pay 10 thousand rupees more, that is 50 thousand rupees. Actresses Tanjin Tisha and Sabila Noor have decided to increase their salary by Rs 10,000. Tasnia Farin raises her salary by five thousand rupees. Actor Safa Kabir, Mishu Sabbir, Shamim Hasan and many other stars are on this list to increase the fee. The show seems unfocused in recent episodes.

SK Shahed Ali, host of the CMV YouTube channel, said the actor took $ 60,000 for each drama. Corona requested a fee increase because there was a risk in filming the drama at the time. He was then paid one easy rupee. Similarly, the salaries of Musharraf Karim, Afran Nisho and Mehzabin Chowdhury also increased. They earned about 1 lakh from Eid al-Fitr.

The same information came to light after talks with the authorities of six production companies, including the Association of Television and Digital Producers of Bangladesh, CMV and Eagle Productions. Saju Muntasir, general secretary of the Association of Television and Digital Producers in Bangladesh, is worried about news of rising star salaries. He said, ‘The budget of the drama continues to shrink every day. We’re disappointed that some people out there are increasing the budget of the stars. It’s a more sinister signal for drama. ‘Shahiduzzaman Selim, president of the Actors Association, said: If an artist raises his salary from year to year, it is very sad news. I condemn the unjustified increase in our budget.

Salahuddin Lavlu, president of the Directors Guild, said some artists took the lion’s share of the money for the drama by unreasonably increasing fees under the pretext of a point of view. Not wondering if the rest of the money will be a drama.

Again, there are different views. Busy producer Kajal Arefin Ami said: ‘It’s not okay to talk about someone’s personal decision. In addition, the fee increases depending on the needs of the artist. If the artist thinks that his demand has increased even during that period, he can increase the fee. If the producer-director feels that they have unknowingly increased their salaries or that the salaries are higher than they need to be, he will work with someone else. Not just actors but also directors or others. If a producer thinks that if he spends so much money on a junior without playing with Ami, the cost will fall, then he will. I think that has increased the employment opportunities of newcomers.

Popular actor Zahid Hasan said he has a completely different context. According to him, the artist has a big role in popularizing the play, which no one can deny. Now those who have the ability to do the job can increase their compensation. The government also rewarded him if he was first in the national exam. So what’s the harm if those at the top of popularity increase their compensation? But the problem is when a large part of the budget of the whole drama is taken by heroes and heroines. In this case, the problem is the managers. If the director says I can’t do a drama under five lakhs. Someone else might ask me to take the drama for granted. Therefore, the budget of the drama does not increase. If the drama budget increases, channels will take a higher advertising rate than Simple. One is actually related to the other. The whole thing has to get into the system. ‘

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