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Divorce of marriage two hours after marriage! : -785722 Kaler Kantho

Kaji married a wedding after the ceremony, which she said was acknowledged. There were not two faces in sight. Before that, an unwanted incident happened. The couple has already divorced after the wedding of the bride and groom, about two hours after the marriage was over, the couple's incident incident occurred on Friday night in the village of Northern Palahar in the Moazzempur state of Nandail in Mymensingh.

However, father's father complained about the incident, two brides from the groom hardly hurt the wife of his older son. On the other hand, the fiancée's father claimed that people in the groom had behaved badly, beat many, and escaped the house and informed the police. At that time the boy was forced to force Talu with the consent of the bride.

On Saturday afternoon, the bridal father, Sadat Ali Fakir, said he had invited 150 guests to the wedding. That costs millions of rupees. It's mentally broken because of the girl's wedding ceremony. The Chairman of the Trade Union Council Moazzempur (UP) said. Abu Bakar Siddiq said these incidents occurred because of excessive exaggeration of people in Barshi.

Nikah's Secretary Kazi Nazmul Haque said the case was when the divorce was registered in the headquarters, very unhappy and rarity.

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