Sunday , May 16 2021

Do not stand alone "

Writing a very simple slogan, "Do not stand on".

This line is a movement. It was assumed that everyone supported this movement. That was supposed to be full of power. Do not stand on your side, do not stand up.

But what happened? Are people who criticize women's Facebook stories have seen their faces in the mirror? Do you know the daily public transport of women?

We all know the lack of public transport in the city. Whether it's a bus or a leg The picture is the same, but everywhere. There is not enough public transport, standing on it like a crowd of pilgrims for hours, when the bus will arrive. Maybe the bus came, everyone would run, walk by bus, somebody would go to the bus shaft.

The war starts from the beginning of the bus. The bicycle assistant tried to put his hands first. At the time of a bus ride, someone with an elbow can hit a sensitive woman's seat. As you stand on a bus, someone will see distorted happiness by touching the body of a traveling woman. This is a famous scene, unbearable pain. All in all, a woman must go public with a true struggle with a man.

The transportation system in Bangladesh is so poor and inadequate that the movement of public transport for every woman has become a thing of terror and panic.

Now, why do girls choose the path of this kind of protest? What do we see if we look at statistics?

The BRAC has released a study last year. According to research findings, 94 percent of women in public transport in Bangladesh victims of sexual harassment are verbally, physically or otherwise.

When is this situation the most ridiculous and polite language for protest, does anyone know? At least I do not know.

In this city, girls who go out everyday to live their lives understand the difference between unintentional and conscious standing.

If you never go deliberately, they did not write to show you this writing. Synchronize!

Those who were either directly or in exchange or not – I mean what; Also, you can disobey the woman "one to the other"

Those who try to spread the movement for various purposes spread the message through social media, they actually expose their true nature.

One thing, she thinks of a woman. Respect.

Do not get up.

Do not touch me.

Author: Senior Rapporteur, Daily Star

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