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Doctor Mito is arrested

Chittagong: Police have arrested Mostafa's wife Mashoud Akasha Tanjilla Huq Chowdhury Mito on Facebook because of his wife's status.

He was arrested on Thursday (January 31st) about 23.30 in the city of Nandankanan.

The Chittagong Municipal Police Commissioner (CMP) confirmed this question to the banglan. Mahbubur Rahman.

Information from the CMP Public Relations Department will be announced on Friday (February 1st) at 11:00 am through a press conference.

Earlier, Thursday morning, in the Chandgaon residential district, Dr. Mostafa Akash

Prior to suicide, Mostafa Akash shared his Facebook page with offensive pictures and screenshots of various people: "Be good with your lovers".

** He hurt with his wife, medical suicide

Bangladesh Time: 0055 hours, February 01, 019

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