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Ekta Kapoor had a baby without a father

Actress Ekta Kapoor Pictures file.

Indian television was born by the son of celebrity actress Ekta Kapoor. He also traveled on the road to snow on mother's death. This unmarried mother bore a son through Donner's purchase of Venus (Sarogesi).

Ekta and Tushar Kapoor are actors from Bollywood Jitendra and two sons Shobhe Kapoor. Actress Tushar Kapoor became a single parent through Sargis. In 2016 she gave birth to the boy's goal.

At that time reporters said, "At first my parents were afraid I would announce if the baby was born with fertilizer!" But the incident was very acceptable to every person in the country. It was a bit surprising to me because I thought many people would have different perspectives, but that did not happen. Especially the media have so much support for the goal, thank you for that.

Ekta Kapoor recently launched "Kosati Zindagi K2 & # 39; with Erich Fernandez, Perth Samantan, and Hina Khan. In addition, he is also busy creating various web bands through Ultablazi, the branch of Balaji Telfilms.

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