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Farmers now have Padma Bank

The changed name negatively affected the Fermanas bank, which is responsible for credit scams. The bank has been renamed Padma Bank Limited & # 39; The Bangladesh Bank announced a notification Wednesday (January 30th).

In 2013, after the start of the trip, the bank was arguing for negative reasons, including scandals for loans in just three years. Under the pressure of the central bank, the board of directors of the bank has recently changed.

Earlier, the bank was in danger of liquidity crises. In government intervention for the beginning of 2014, most state-owned four banks buy shares. Currently, Sonali, Agra, Janata, Rupali and the Investment Corporation in Bangladesh (ASCB) own more than 60 percent of the bank's shares.

Recently, the current board of directors of the bank requested a change of name of the central bank. The Bangladesh Bank also supports it. According to a statement from the Bank of Bangladesh, the name "The Farmers Bank Limited" has been changed on the list of banks scheduled from January 29, 2015 to "Padma Bank Limited". The notice was sent to the chief executives of all banks.

Meanwhile, after the name of the bank changed its name to "the scent of the old name," with massive reforms, the bank expressed its commitment to take the initiative with its new initiative, its director Ehsan Khasru

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