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For a short time

Soon, this time the young model and actress Afry Selina did a good job to attract attention. A few days ago, according to the Shakiba Fahad directive, he responded with a big response as the model of Airtel's advertising model. Earlier, under the direction of Aloka Hasan, the screenplay took place in a short film & # 39; Chakkoot & # 39; In the upcoming Eida, he played two shows in the same director Alaku Hasan. "Remote Control" and the other "Mitek". Meanwhile, the two works have been completed. As for the acting on both shows, Afry Selina said, "I've got a lot of answers from the movie" Chakkoot "Alok Hasan, I like the choice and style of building her story. and the style of building two shows
At the end of this month, Afry Selina will work as a model for a new agency. He said it would be a great project for him. Meanwhile, Afri Musafir has completed the work under the leadership of Roni, a short story called "Short Time Lover". In the context, he continued to play the role in the & # 39; Padmabati & # 39; under the leadership of Eid-e-Monwar. The films produced by Afri Selina are 'Other Tracks' & # 39; Indraniila Sengupte, & "Romantika & # 39; Unique Mamuna & Blue Hopper & # 39; Idrisa Haidera.

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