Monday , January 25 2021

Former Juba League leader Palash arrested for computer theft

Gopalganj police have arrested former Juba League leader Palash Sharif, organizer of 49 computer thefts at Bangabandhu University of Science and Technology Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (BASHEMURBIPRABI). Gopalganj’s assistant police chief (Sadarski krug) Mohammad Sanwar Hossain said this at a press conference held in his office on Monday around 10 p.m.

Case Investigation Officer and Deputy Inspector (SI) of Gopalganj Police Station Sadar Mizanur Rahman arrested Palas Sharif from a bus in Tekerhat, Madaripur, on the basis of classified information. The brother is Aminul Islam, alias Lachchu Sharif, former president of the Gopinathpur Union Jupin League and current union president.

SI Mizanur Rahman said there were two kidnappings in the name of Palash Sharif at the Gopalganj Sadar police station and one case under the Special Powers Act at the Madaripur police station. He came to Madaripur from Dhaka yesterday to appear in court in Madaripur. Upon receiving the news, he was arrested.

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