Friday , August 6 2021

GB 128 GB new SSD

The famous master and graphics card Gigabyte brought its original SSD GB M2 PCI E128 GB.

This SSD of the M2 inch format factor is currently available in 1 version, which is 120 gigabytes.

It can read for 1100 MB seconds and write exactly 500 MB per second.

The new feature is – Host Memory Buffer (HMB) that allows PCI Express to use SSD to access a diram (direct memory access) on a computer system, which previously required SSD to provide its own data.

Gb2 MB PCI SSD 2.5Sets can transfer data faster than SSDs.

It also includes a maximum three year warranty.

Compared to the general hard disk drive. 2 PCI E speed is much more and it can do a lot of work in less time.

So if you want to speed up your computer, this gb SSD can be a good solution.

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