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Good news for those who did not see the goddess in the movie

The movie Debi & # 39;, directed by Chanchal Chowdhury and Jaya Ahsan, was one of the most widely discussed films of the year. Producer Zaheer debuted with this picture. In addition, he wrote the name in Anam Biswas.

For these reasons, & quot; Goddess & # 39; was at the center of the movie's crazy public interest. But the main attraction of Goddesses & # 39; was Humayun Ahmed and his character created by Mickey Ali. The film is based on the novel & # 39; Goddess & # 39 ;.

Actress Chanchal Chowdhury appeared here with a well-known popular character of Ali Ali's psychology professor. His presence in the movie was entertained by visitors. The film is praised at home and abroad.

Government Donation & Production House & # 39; C & # 39; Jaya Ahsan created a banner "Boginja & # 39; which will be seen on a small screen. Coming to Falgun, February 13, and the World Love Day on February 14, evening at 19:30, Maasherland TV will be broadcast on Debi & # 39;

Jaya Ahsan, the producer and actress of the World TV premiere, said: "This is an arrangement for those visitors who did not go to theaters and could not afford to visit" Goddess. "Many people are unable to see the photo for various reasons.

But they want to see the picture. For those fascinating visitors, TV Maasranga will be broadcast on television. I hope visitors will be happy to see guests sitting in Mrs. Ali, Rana, Nila, Anis, Ahmed Sabeta's Houses.

Except Chanchal-Jaya, Shabnam Faria, Eresh Jaak, Animas Aich and others also played in this movie.


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