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Hesson is coming to talk to coach tomorrow || Game || John's voice

Hesson is coming to speak with his coach tomorrow

Internet reporter. The Eid holidays were closed for only three or four days. The process of hiring a Bangladesh Cricket Board foreign head coach continues after the three-day Eid holiday on Tuesday. New Zealand's Mike Hesson will be interviewed on Wednesday for the first time since the holiday ends.

High-level reliable BCB sources have confirmed this news. Sources say Hesson will be heard tomorrow Wednesday. It should be noted that Russell Domingo spoke earlier in South Africa.

President of the BC Nazmul Hasan Papan, Senior Directors Mahbub Anam,

Since then, board officials have been quite pleased with the planning and presentation of Domingo. In addition to his presentation, BCB is positive about the two Domingo questions. The first reason is its small financial needs. Domingo's request is far less than the amount of money modern coaches received or received.

Domingo also expressed his desire to have more time in Bangladesh and to work with the national team for more than two and a half days a year.

Now let's see how Hayson interviewed and debated. BCB's eyes focused on him as well. One of the board members was reported to be Hesson vulnerable. Now, how's the presentation of the new New Zealand coach? – Looking at that, BCB's top executives and internet news outlets could finally choose anyone from Domingo or Hesse.

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