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Hindostans robbers: robbers of the Hindustan collection of box 1: Amir Amitabh's film exceeds 50 crora – The breakdown of all first-day records, payroll ₹ 50 million mark

All recorders were released after the release of Thugs of Hindustan. Movie stars Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan on the first day with over 50 crores business.

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robbers of the Hindustan Bookshop Day 1: Amir-Amitabh film crosses the red hole 50

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  • Up to now, the sale of the Tamil and Telugu movie of this movie has been sold for 52 million kuna. The Hindu version itself traded 50.75 crores.
  • On the first day in the history of the Hindu film, Thags of Hindustan was the greatest hit. Even the first day & # 39; Dangle & # 39; Business Explained This Image.

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