Monday , January 25 2021

History of United in the time of ‘Cavani’ First light

The time of forging has become part of the history of Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson was known for bringing fruit for himself when he was added to Old Trafford. United have been confirmed to have added a win from Southampton today. But as the match turned out, at least for today, a few words could be ‘Cavani Time’. Edinson Cavani won the match 3-2.

Cavani has joined the team this season. Although he was the top scorer in PSG history, he did not get enough respect. The Paris club did not agree to extend his contract. The Uruguayan striker joined United for free. United will face PSG in the Champions League this week. He showed his caste in front of him. United coach Ule Gunnar told Sulshar that the next match should keep him in the XI.

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