Monday , May 17 2021

I wanted to stay home when my dad came home: girl Tele Samad

People are afraid of their dad. Baba is a bit angry at kids, angry personality But our father was a funny man We all looked for ways when my dad came home.

But you no longer have to wait for your dad. If you think the book is scattered, your father will never go home. Do not mock him anymore. "Suspicion of relief at FDC, daughter of Tele Samad, Soheli Samad Kakoli, told her father.

The film veteran, Tele Samad, has suffered from illness for several years now. The last days of her life had to be spent at & # 39; Hospital to Home & # 39; During that time, Kakoli was seen beside him. She treated her father's medical help because she was the legal daughter of media workers.

Talking with journalists, he wanted a blessing for his father's health. He also prayed for blessings, but for the blessing of his father.

Kakali must be speechless in father's death Tele Samada's body was brought to the FDC on Sunday. Coconut came When he met the media workers, he became emotional remembering his father.

He also said, "We have three brothers and sisters. My younger sister Saim Samad and my older brother Osman Samad. In America, the Father has kept three brothers in jurisdictions as part of a cholera. He taught humanity, humanity and an excellent vision of life.

If we came to our father, we would be happy for the darkness. I've always wanted my dad to leave the house. Dad was a very funny person. Such parents have left. He has suffered so much in recent days. Pray for your father to Allah to Paradise. & # 39;

He thanked the people of the film for giving honor to their father in the last test. He expressed gratitude to the President, Prime Minister and Minister of Information.

On Sunday morning, at 9 o'clock, Tele Samada's ambulatory staff arrived at FDC. His fourth prayer-january was held at 12 noon. The funeral was attended by Information Minister Hasan Mahmud, Information Secretary Abdul Malek, representative and director Akbar Pathan Faruk, Alamgir, Zayed Khan, Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, Amit Hasan, Car, Aliraj and Fakir Alamgir.


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