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I was afraid, I still do not mind: Moumitia

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Reporter: Film director Dhaka Moumita Mou Today, the kidnappers of gold were captured. On Sunday, after returning to the exam, Moumita was captured by a hostage kid in the city of Systanlab.

At that time the gold chain took her neck and the robbers took it. But there was no major accident, he was hurt.

In that context, Moomite Mou said, "I came back from Eden College with a test, after they got to Sunshine, the kidnappers pulled me out of the chain door, I was very frightened, but I was not afraid, It's incredible that my rickshaw he was stuck in stumbling blocks during the incident, and then all the people who were standing stood and watched the event, nobody protested.

In 2013, the film was produced by Kalam Kaiser, directed by Tum aahe tayehe thheb & # 39; After the release of the film, they were seen by filmmakers. Then she worked in several films including Raju Choudhury, Tu Ekin Mere, directed by Saiman Tarique, Charity Paribah & # 39; & Ekmutho Swapna & # 39; Shamimul Islam Shamim.

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