Wednesday , March 3 2021

I would go crazy when I saw the eyeballs: Aamir Khan – BengaliVision

Mahesh Bhattar has come up to become a hero of the Srides, and Amir Khan has approached. On Sunday he informed the press that Mr Perfectionist was the only one. Studio Yashraj appeared in the last series of "Thags of Hindustan".

"I went to Mahesh Bhatta to make a Bollywood movie inspired by Roman holidays, I said, make the Roman Hindu remake, where I will play Srides." After listening to me, Bhattji came with a fat book and said, "If you love roman holidays, then read this book (It Happened One Night). After that we made "Dil Hai Kya Mantha Nahin". "Although Mahesh gave the opportunity to Pooja Bhatt in the movie.

Aamir said: "There is no time to hide that Sridev had once broke my eyes, and when I looked at Sree Devije's eyes, I would go crazy." Nostalgia Amir said, "Then I started to play, we (Amir and Sridev) recorded the magazine, I was very excited I did not appear until I looked into her eyes, because I looked ridiculous when I looked into Mr. Devi's eyes, and if caught and caught, I'll break it up I could not look into my eyes. He was an excellent actor. "

Aamir Shree Devi is a great fan. Even after his death, he wrote a heart message to work with Sridevim who wrote on Twitter. The actors Hindustan, played by Amir-Amitabh, produced by Jessaraj, will be released the 8th next. Before that, Mr. Perfectionist was open to this debate.

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