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Is this the same from Bangalore holidays in Ladakh?


Criminals of teens and bollywood hearts. Never ever shot or everlasting Shannon His name was added to one of the other Bollywood movies. He is the son of Sushanta Singh Rajputa.

For months I said, Mahal Ganjan, BanglaLina Ria Chakravarty or mixed with new! It's noticeable to run & # 39; quality time & # 39; together in different restaurants or parties.

Although both men and women used to clap in front of this question. Recently, Rita and Sushan, at the same time, the Instagram post, which went to Ladakh at the same time, further fueled this speculation.


After the trip to Ladakh, the accounts of these two profit birds were filled. Although Ria or Sushant did not publish any photographs.

But what's interesting to know? Rhea gave a photo to a local girl in a post at her place, Sushant also gave another post with the same kid from her account. Two different people at the same time at the same time! They are a coincidence or they are together! The question is to say – feel the freaks!

In 2012, on the film Tuneg Tunega & # 39; he played with Rear. In 2013, she debated the movie "Meri dad Ki Maaruti & # 39;" Riya Jasraj Films got a big chance in the flag of 2017. t

He has a bank robber & # 39; in their productions. During the recording of Mukesh Bhatte, he also joined Mukesh Bhattu while playing in "Jaleb" & # 39;

Just a "good friend"? Or will another pair of celebrities get Bollywood? Bolitrimyara in the hope of replying.

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