Wednesday , June 23 2021

Jhenaidah attacks militant attack, arrested 1

Soldiers were arrested in Jhenaidah. Photo: Ittefaq

RAB was arrested for a militant named Aktaruzzaman Sagar (22) after an attack on a militant hideaway in the village of Kaluhati under Jhenaidah Sadar. On Wednesday morning, RAB led raids around the Sharifat Hossain Mandal home based on secret data. Expedition ends at 9 o'clock.

Commander of the RAB-6 Commander of the Wing Hassan Imon al-Rajib told the press that he had informed them of the secret information that militants were staying at Sharafat Mandala's home. They surround the house. After the operation, Akhtaruzzaman Sagar, son of Sharafat Hossain Mandal, was arrested and arrested.

An RAB official, a member of the JMB Member of the Sea, said. A puppet gun and jihad books were found. His acquaintance was unknown to his house. He was interviewed with the RAB camp.

Meanwhile, Father Sharafat Hossain told reporters that his son, Hafaji, passed Madrasa in the village. A few years ago he was a mental patient. Locally and treated in Pabni. The house was restored if it was cured. 14 days ago she was married to Sharmin from Baledanga villages satirized. I can not say if it is militant.

It is to be noted that on January 7, 2016, in the chamber, the destroyed Heng-doctors of Kalhati village, converted into a Christian Christian Khwaja Samir Uddin, were demolished in the Benghal Bazaar. The Police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has operated in five militant shelters in Jhenaidah since 2017. Two militants were killed during the operation. Then the weapons, bullets, explosives and bombs served for rescue.

Ittefaq / Ubie

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