Wednesday , March 3 2021

Kapil Sharma returns to the screen on Salman's production

Showbiz Desk: The popular comedy show Kapila Sharma comes to the TV screen for a new look. The recording of the event will begin on December 16 this year. According to a report by Bollywood Life, the comedy Kapil Sharma Show Kapil Sharma 2 will produce actor Bollywood Salman Kha. Although the Bollywood brother has still not written anything about it. But many people know the close relationship between Salman and Kapila. Salman could produce Kapil's program because of his good relationship. There is nothing that could be surprising. The Kapil Sharma program is very popular, and there is little criticism of the program. Sam Kapil has been controversial several times. Several Bollywood actors also question his behavior. The last time the program was closed for all such complaints. As a result of this closure, the audience missed a humorist program. That is why the story of Kapil Sharma's return to the audience is undoubtedly a pleasure. The other news has already been published with him. Kapil will marry this year. The comedian is sitting married to longtime girlfriend Ginny Chatthey. Their wedding date was set for December 12th. All wedding ceremonies will be deployed at the Guinness residence in Punjab. Guinea's only daughter, Guinea Guinea's parents want their only daughters wedding to be very magnificent.

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