Sunday , May 16 2021

Khaleda Zia is infected with the coronavirus

BNP chairwoman Khaleda Zia has contracted the coronavirus.

On Sunday, the ICDDRB reported that its corona test result was positive.

Maidul Islam, a senior public relations officer for President Kovid’s Department of Positive Health, also confirmed for Jugantar.

However, her family is unaware of the Khaleda Zie coronavirus infection.

The nephew and personal physician of BNP President Mamun told Jugantar that the news of the attack on the crown of Khaleda Zia was unfounded and false.

As an added precaution, Khaleda Zia took samples at her residence in Gulshan on Saturday around 3pm as the situation with the corona infection was deteriorating.

Corona samples were taken on the advice of personal physicians Khalede Zie. Labaid the technologist said at 3 p.m. Green enters his home.

After a while, Khaleda Zie’s nephew said. Mamun also went home. In her presence, samples for the Khaled Zia crown test and blood samples for the diabetes test were collected.

However, quoting Khaled personal physician Zia Mamun, a member of the journalistic wing of BNP chairman Shairul Kabir Khan told Jugantar that it was a regular medical examination of the chairman. Samples were not taken for corona examination.

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