Wednesday , May 22 2019
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LG's leading speakerphone display

It is assumed that LG's new smart phone, G8 TheQQ, will be presented at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona on February 25th. Before publishing, the company continuously provides new information about the device itself.

Now LG announced the audio feature of this new device. The new device uses branding "Crystal Sound Oleed". Earlier, many brand companies saw this branding. This technique is designed to vibrate the entire screen with vibrations.

LG's new information has also confirmed that the G8 is the first smartphone in the G series that is not being used on the LCD screen.

If the speaker is not set up, the loudspeaker is set to the device below. The speaker will effectively play a call or listen to music.

It was said by LG that the speakers listed below can be connected to the top of the screen to get dual channel stereo sound. Like the company's previous devices, quad dac is in new leading models. This will keep the headphone jack on the device. A & # 39; boombox speaker & # 39; will be retained as before.

LG G5 has already confirmed that it will have 3 cameras in front of the "Time-to-Flight" sensor in the new G8 Thinqui The device has rumors that it will retain additional checkpoints.

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