Friday , January 22 2021

Like mother, action is equally important. Kareena

Like mother, action is equally important. Kareena

Online work desk. Divorce from Bollywood's first regular heroine, love for Saif and married. Life is like a silver screen. Many thought that after the birth of a child in 2016, they might be able to keep their place in Bollywood and then the birth of a child.

But after the birth of a boy, after shooting all the protest critics, they began to shoot for "Veer the Wedding". This film Riya Kapoor entered the 100 Crores club shortly after the release. Whose main character must be, of course. It is understandable that Kareena talks about Khan.

Even after the birth of Taimur Ali Khana, the carrier was equally thinking. With action, he has always been busy catching the magazine. Again, he had to run abroad for advertising shoots. Begum sahiba has clearly demonstrated to her husband how to lead an acting career ahead of time with the family.

Recently, after the photo selection of photo magazines, he met the media. In an interview, Kareena says she wants to be a better mother. But you will not be able to keep an eye out of all the good, bad things in life.

According to him, if he does not want to be happy, how happy is he in the family? So, like a mother, I'm not clear that acting is equally important to her.

Meanwhile, in the hands of Curry after the "vere de wading", there are two big projects. Karan Joharov & # 39; Takhat & # 39; and Akshay Kumar's Good News & # 39; In Takhat, opposite Ranbir Singh and Alia Bhatt are against Karina. On the other hand, Kareena Kapoor Khan will again share the screen with Akshay Kumar after "Gabber Is Back". Two star fans are excited about it

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