Monday , May 17 2021

Liton is a hard-hurt worker in Chakra

Liton is a hard-hurt worker in Chakra

He returns to the locker room and returns. Photo: Collected

The opening ceremony of Liton Das will feature the performances of the Dhaka Premier League (DPL). In the ninth round, his 84 cricket team Shinupukur was very comfortable in the inning.

He started the tenth round at the BKSP in the 10th round in order to compete better before the World Cup.
However, the firing opener of the Mohammedan Sports Club could not extend the changes to an unlucky event.

One field worker named Jewel, who was injured while he hit six,

On that day, the ball left spinner Monir Hossain from Prime Bank Cricket Club, Varan Liton, is bowled.

The middle pass through the ball to the edge of the ball, and the ball went to the edge. The ball struck Jewel's worker's mouth, sitting under an umbrella outside the border.
Liton, who encountered the incident, ran to a rapidly wounded field worker. Jewel was taken to the BKSP hospital on the noses.

The game starts again from the end station. However, the field worker was hurt in the fight of his litters, the mind of Lyton. Lose focus on the game.

Again, playing a big kick in the third, Lithon, which Nahidul Islam caught in the middle of the field, caught the catch.

Meanwhile, Liton hit the ball with much of Juhel's lips. There were five seams there. Some teeth have become insecure. After initial treatment at the BKSP hospital was taken at a dentist at Savar Zirani Bazar.

However, others from the hall said the ball did not take the fate of Juell's head. Then something serious can happen. This is now Santana for Liton.

Liton came out on 36 runs from six to six and six at Murray for an unlucky incident on Monday.

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