Monday , January 18 2021

Lloyd’s open letter to the Windies team

Lloyd contributed to the team’s victory with two excellent innings of 72 and 6 undefeated series. In the end, the West Indies won a series of three 2-0 matches. He was one of the top five winners.

Lloyd did not seize the sudden opportunity. He developed as a reliable striker, one of the most successful and influential captains in cricket.

Now 6-year-old Lloyd wants to inspire inexperienced West Indies on a tour of Bangladesh by telling the story of his debut. There are 10 cricketers on the team, including test captain Jason Holder and ODI captain Kieron Pollard, for fear of coronavirus. Not two more because of personal problems. One person was infected with the coronavirus and dropped out before the series began.

West India scored in the Test series with a stronger team on the last tour. They also lost in the ODI series.

Lloyd wrote an open letter to Caribbean cricketers who came to Bangladesh to play with a poor team during the epidemic.

Dear boys,

I understand that you will embark on a journey you may not be ready for. You may think you have been given a difficult task without any preparation. Again, everyone is hoping that you will fight and bear fruit.

You should take it in such a way that it is not a matter of filling a place in a team from the West Indies, but of having the opportunity to make your place. You were given a chance based on merit. That is destiny. This is your chance. A great way to show the world your talents and skills. A chance to show everyone that you are not a second-tier cricket player. And you can climb to the top.

In 1986, I was not on the main examination team. Unexpectedly, Seymour’s nurse was injured and I was notified 45 minutes before the first test began to play. Then I played 35 consecutive tests. Because I did well. We won the series. I realized that day that this was an opportunity to show my talent and ability. And I used it with both hands. Bigger than that, it is the greatest honor for anyone in our region to be able to play for the West Indies. I believed then, I still believe.

You have the opportunity to prove that you qualify for a call to the team. You should be proud that you can wear West Indian jerseys and hats. You represent one of the best countries in cricket, with an enviable record and we are proud of that. Remember, we are just a nation with just over 5 million inhabitants.

One of our records, undefeated 29 matches in a row. 11 wins in a row. Harini has also played one test for 16 consecutive years.

This is only a small part of past fame and achievement. It hides hard work and commitment to achievement আগে first of all, please pay close attention to your own condition. Be it a hitter or a bowler, he will always try to build his technique and skill. That’s exactly what my team did, and I believe you will.

In front of you is an opportunity to improve our test rankings and add even more to our pride in cricket. This expectation is not only mine, but the entire Caribbean region. Your victory will be their victory.

A tour of Bangladesh can seem daunting to you. But that is not impossible. This is an ideal opportunity. Under the wise (test) captain Craig Brathwaite you can start a new era with your dedication, professionalism, youth and desire to win. What I am telling you is not baseless speculation. Speaking from my own experience. We lost more than twenty tests before I took the lead over the West Indies team. New goals needed to be set and the team reorganized. I also had a lot of new cricket players on my team, the number will probably be the same as you are now. But my team did not hesitate to accept the challenge and in the end we climbed to the top. I believe that you too can start the necessary restructuring of the team from the West Indies. We did it because we had faith in ourselves. You can too. Trust is the first step to success.

I remind you that if you want to reach the pinnacle of success, you have to have that mentality. Many difficult situations can be overcome with a positive way of thinking. I am sure you will face such a situation on this tour.

In the end, success before work comes only in vocabulary. I wish you all the best. Remember, most people are judged based on the obstacles they have overcome.

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