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Local loop for the software industry

Bangladesh – A small country on the map of the world, every person likes to dream and fancy. Using very large technology of items in this country – whether it's a small mobile device or not. Although technology today is not just fancy – the digital use of satellite in digital Bangladesh has begun. Software technology is an essential part of using any technology in everyday life, which is the major industry itself.

The software industry is not too old in Bangladesh, but over the last 20 years it has grown through many obstacles. If these barriers overcome, the apparel of the software industry or overseas will be a large revenue sector such as human resources. The main purpose of this article is to identify these barriers in the local software industry – so that problems can be solved.

1) Barriers to Software Companies:

Not invested properly – There is not enough investment in software products / platforms in our country. That was said to be the main reason

  • We do not have enough information about the market.
  • Lack of qualified and quality business experts.
  • Large-scale companies do not want to use software for a variety of reasons.
  • Most engineers start with startups, which are ineffective in managing investments.
  • Lack of bank finance.
  • Above all, the software is integral.

Lack of qualified and quality staff:

  • The choice of operator and the creation of IT engineers are usually wrong. Most students who are reading computer science and engineering want to be software engineers. Lack of knowledge on how to prepare for many kinds of engineering posts, read this topic. As a result, students say they do not get a job. On the other hand, software companies are not able to find the right workers for them.
  • Despite the fact that there are enough IT companies, the trend towards approaching professional software companies is very low due to the lack of establishment.
  • In the absence of an adequate higher software industry, new professionals are afraid to choose this career.

Build unplanned software / IT companies:

  • Unplanned software companies are planning today, where no software company starts without special plans in developed countries. These unplanned software companies are trying to sell all kinds of products and services – resulting in uncontrolled market competition, diversity of prices and consumer confidence at the end of the day. If we can not get out of this excitement, the software market will be further damaged.
  • Software is a business that can not be done with a short-term plan. Of course, long-term planning is needed. In the absence we can see, the company quickly changes from one type of service to another type of service. This means that the first business service plan was not long-term. Become a business entrepreneur requires patience and solid morality. Today, when they study the history of those who have seen in the industry 40-45 years, their skills and mental strength and endurance have reached them today.

The software can not be service-oriented:

  • Most software companies in the country offer software for several customers for the first few years. However, after one or more years, users will not be able to provide support for the service. Most software architectures and infrastructure companies are not ready to provide customer support later, the software at the end of the day fails. As a result, users lose confidence in software companies while software companies are guilty of a buyer.

First of all, due to software barriers in the market, there are many main reasons why services are not oriented. When developing product and marketing, it should be considered for a minimum service of 20 years.

Techno-commercial partner software companies:

  • Most of the old software companies in our country consist of business backgrounds and technology companies of new companies, but software companies need to create technical-trade partnerships to develop products, market, legal, risks and deals.

Compatibility Product, Not Market Analysis:

  • Local software companies have begun to create and distribute products without local and international computer analysis. He can not survive in competition. It should be borne in mind that large companies such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Ultimate Compactors Software Business Therefore, the software market should not start doing business without natural and computer analysis.

There is not enough confirmation:

  • Due to the lack of quality, security and certification process of local software companies, loss of all these vulnerabilities and above all, client integrity has become a daily matter.

2) Client Defeat:

Enough software purchase knowledge:

  • Apart from some of our domestic client companies, others can not show the skills to buy software and IT services. Due to lack of awareness and skills, what they buy does not last long Checklist is quite different in terms of software, intellectual property, and IT services, and there is a lot of controversy with software vendors that discusses termination of relationships, resulting in client data dangers.

Non-standard business processes:

  • Small or medium-sized businesses are working in non-standard business processes. But when it comes to software, they have to face many complexities coming to standard format. Because of this, many customers do not purchase standard custom software for ordering from any team or company – most of the time, updating and maintaining these custom software is very heavy and expensive.

Lack of IT skills in client companies:

  • The companies feel that their professional experts are very afraid to take the software. They think their IT department can weaken their positions (many exploit it). But it's not wrong to understand only IT – because of the software system, it will not change the position or the responsibility of anyone but it will be very useful in performing the duties.

3) Gap for Education and Software Industry:

  • Computer science or engineering like MBBS does not get a guideline that will work on any graduate specialization. Educational institutions should help build skills for merit positions.
  • Much of the training on the market is public and private, most of which do not play any role in the software industry. The main reason for this curriculum is not implemented in the software companies' need, a curriculum is formed Some further obstacles arise just because of the lack of practical education

4) Barriers to Trade:

  • None of the Bangladeshi IT companies working in the IT industry generally work with the software. During the work on discussion exposures, market development, awareness-raising and policy-making are very slow and slower.
  • Software membership companies are not classified at state and private level. As a result, a government or large company is in danger of buying an e-management system from the call center service center.
  • Most stores do not work on internet, e-commerce, and software companies.

5) Government obstacles:

  • The government is trying to get petrochemicals in the country, but the classification is very weak and there is no way of making decisions based on the recommendations of many trading bodies.
  • Local businesses have considerably lower priority for buying state-owned enterprises, and domestic software is not clear at a high level. As a result, software that should be purchased from a local one also comes from other countries. It is also apparent that we have been bought from all countries where there is no good diplomatic or trade relationship with that country. For these reasons, from domestic resources to the operation, many foreign entrepreneurs are not going.
  • In the near future because of inexperience or neglect, the latest security of data will probably become impossible.
  • Rules that need to be taken into account quickly for software update, update, and security are not rules. As a result, a lot of government systems become ineffective. If all these points are not systematic, it will be difficult to protect government data.

6) Preventing Experts:

  • Foreign Affinity: In Bangladesh, a good professional means higher education overseas and permanent staying later. Great reason for the infrastructure or security of the country, which I did not mean. If the country becomes a little illiterate then the country goes forward. However, the government should also think about how to achieve homogeneous employment after higher education.
  • Do not be Career-Oriented: In terms of learning and skills, there are fewer software industries in terms of carriers. Many people do not know when they come for a job interview and come to talk.
  • Freelancing / Startup / Job – Do not worry about what to do and do not create a good position in either of the above.
  • Less Knowledge Technology: Techniques that come from any subject can not be understood by our specialists.

Finally, the software business is one of the toughest companies, but for those whose plans, investments, architecture, on the stage, it becomes much easier.

All types of assistance are needed to overcome these barriers to the savings and improvement of the software industry

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