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Manisha Koirala told a brave life …- 701765 | Kaler Kantho

Two Bollywood actresses Manisha Koirala (center) and Nandita Das (right) attended the Breaking Bad & # 39; called "Dhaka Liter Festival" in the Bangla Academy. Photo: Tarek Aziz Nishak

I've been working for 30 years in the Bollywood film industry. They have to face different situations. Everything looked like a warrior. Continue with courage, you work. I even fought like a cancer patient. "Manisha Koirala's words were firm, and a popular Bollywood actress came to her as a guest at Dhaka Lit Fest, and on Friday, at the Bangla Academy, this event is said to be with her. Talking about her life cycle, dealing with obstacles and advancing women, she talked about various issues.

Manisha Koirala, who loved the audience for lazy presence on the silver screen, is equally commendable as well as for the tasteless and lively effects of many movies. The Nepalese actress earned her fame mostly through Indian cinema. His debut in the film was made by Subhash Ghaierov & Saudagar & # 39; in the early 1990s. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Then he will get a new life after treatment. Speaking of time, Manisha said, "It is difficult to interpret the time of the fact. I think life is a wonderful gift from God. We should never ignore that gift."

Manisha, who yesterday participated in a one-day session of "Breaking Bad" held in Dhaka Lit Fest. After completing the session, he talked to reporters. The following are the words of a life war with cancer. In an open discussion, he said of obstacles in the women's journey. She says the current #Mit's movement In addition, the autobiography of & # 39; Hild & # 39 ;, published in January next year, talks about the subject.

Manisha Koirala is delighted with the encounter with Bangladesh and Dhaka Litom Fest. At the beginning of the debate he said: "I love you" in Bangla. After expressing his affection, he said, "I came to Dhaka the second time, now at the invitation of Dhaka Lit Fest." Lit Fest I'm impressed. "Many people came here to listen to the literature discussion, and I am very excited to attend a conference with In my life, the Dhaka Liter Festival is the first literary conference, so I joined as a guest, I would like to come back to this country and take the time, there will be more conversations with everyone, the story will be.

As for the obstacles to women's travel, Manisha Koirala said, "I've been fighting in all spheres of life, although walking on the street as a woman, there are different kinds of injuries, so women have to be safe, you have to be in place, and in any case, we have to work. Nothing is achieved without work. "

As for the quality of a good actress, Manisha said, "A good actress must understand acting and film psychology, then you can come to the heart of the audience, and I'm happy to be an actress. In acting, I have a good movie with the best producer."

The heroine, famous for the success story, said: "Ek Chhiti Chah Gaya Story," the heroine said that people were successful through hard work. So, everyone has to work on the pursuit of dreams to achieve that. Success will come when the goal continues tough work.

Manisha Koirala Manifestation As for the book, she said: "The book will be published in January 2015." This book is about understanding your own life. Much of my life was carcinogenic and was released. It has also been discussed as the subject of this book. To overcome the pain and pain, to fight against cancer, there will be discussions on this topic. Talking about the existence of women in social reality.

Concerned about the current movement of Mummy, Manisha Koirala said this movement was a very positive event. The girls come out of the house and talk about their rights, talk about their rights – they are very positive. However, no one should be upset by this movement without any harassment. Do not just trust it with social media. Or just social contact, there should be no trial or trial in the media. Without completing the full investigation and trial process, no one is said to be a criminal.

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