Tuesday , May 18 2021

Medrese students will be burned: Minister of Education – bdnews24.com

On Sunday, the minister said the minister was informed about the condition of Nusrat in the Burning Unit at the Dhaka Medical College, and the education ministry announced in a statement.

"The minister said the prime minister had announced that he would bear the costs of treating Nusrat, while the director was arrested in the meantime, while law enforcement efforts are underway.

– No one can be found guilty. Treatment of the victim is currently the biggest thing. His condition is critical, the incident is very sad. The government is watching it seriously.

Upon leaving the hospital after seeing Nusrat, Dip Moni said, "The guilty will be judged by a proper investigation."

His daughter, Fazlul Islami, Senior Fazil Madras of Feni, Siraj-ud-Dowla, tried to kill Nusratus by killing his followers and accusing him of murder, their relatives and girls said.

Nusrat's brother told reporters that on March 27, Siraj-ud-Daulah, the director of the madrasa, called in his room and abused his sister. Later, when he told the family, his mother filed a case at Sonagazi Police Station.

Her accusation, following the arrests of the director, gave various threats to remove the case. Meanwhile, on Saturday morning, his sister went to Madras Center to take the first test exam.

On her nursing side, her brother said, "At the center it gets the news that her girlfriend was banged on the roof." When he ran to the roof, four college students began to sue him.

When he refused, they poured it with kerosene and ignited it. At that time police and other people came and heard him scream. "

After burning, Nusrat was first taken to the Healthcare complex Sonagazi Upazila. From there they were transferred to the hospital Feni Sadar. She was later admitted to a medical hospital in Daki.

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