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Messi-Ronaldo-von Dyke at the Battle of Ballon d & # 39; Or –

Monday for the 25th award
France Football is releasing a short list of six. Bangladesh weather list at 5pm
The magazine started in France.

Lost Messi and Ronaldo last August
Liverpool's von Dyke has won the UEFA Player of the Year award. But this is in September
& # 39; Best FIFA & # 39; first from Dutch defender and Portuguese star Ronaldo
Barcelona star Messi won the Player of the Year award for men.

The three also fought in Ballon d & # 39; Or
Chances are high.

Last season, as always, was a great cut
Messi. Barcelona play a crucial role in winning the La Liga. Champions of the Catalan club
The Argentine star also contributed to the league semifinals and the Copa del Rey final.

It's more about a personal craft at the club level
The highlight was the Barcelona captain. La Liga scored a maximum of 5 goals at a time
Nen Pichichi Trophy and European Gold Shoe. He has scored a maximum of 12 Champions League goals.
He was selected for a record sixth career time.

The club and national team became the season
Messi has scored five goals in all three games. The season for the national team is, of course
It didn't work out well. Argentina lost to Brazil in the Copa America semifinals.

The first season is pretty much for the Uventurs
Nice cut Ronaldo. The team won its eighth title in Serie A. In a 26-5 season
In all competitions, including Serie Income 20, he has scored a maximum of 25 goals for the club five times
This football player of the year. Last season, the Serie and Most Valuable Player was also selected by the Portuguese

The national team is having a great season
Ronaldo. Portugal won the UEFA Nations League under his leadership last June. Great in the semifinals
The four-year-old star did a hat-trick.

Jan. 27 in Southampton
Von Dyke, who has joined Liverpool since last season, is undefeated. Liverpool
His role in winning the Champions League was crucial.

The latest in the English Premier League
Liverpool have digested at least 22 goals. Von Dyke was one of the key manufacturers for such solid protection. Even in attack
His role was; They scored four goals for the club and national team and gave up four
He kept it.

The Netherlands made their Europa League debut
Von Dyke also made a major contribution to the finals. They lost to Portugal in the title fight.

Last season was a crucial time last season
Neymar has been out for more than two months due to his injury. Another round of injuries
He was not even on a mission to win the Brazil Copa America.

The winner is in Paris next December 2nd
This year's Ballon d & # 39; Or will be featured.

Best player in Europe since 9
Ballon Award Ceremony begins d & # 39; Or. Up to 5 years the prize is only for players in Europe
He would have given since then the prize is open to every player in the gaming world in Europe
Given and not the best in Europe since the age of 25, the award goes to the world
The best football player.

FIFA Annual Awards and France
Football Ballon d & # 39; Or has united in 20 years. The deal with FIFA is over
French football has started playing balloon again for 25 years. Ballon d & # 39; Or
The winners are determined by the votes of the journalists.

Short list of 3 balloons:

Sadeio means (Liverpool / Senegal), Cercio
Aguero (Manchester City / Argentina), Frankie De Young (Barcelona / Netherlands),
Ugo Loris (Tottenham Hotspur / France), Dusan Tadich (Ayaks / Serbia), Killian Mbappe
(PSG / France), Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool / England), Donnie von D
Bick (Ayax / Netherlands), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal / Gabon), Marc-Andre
Ter Stegen (Barcelona / Germany), Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus / Portugal), Allison
(Liverpool / Brazil), Matias de Licht (Yuventos / Netherlands), Karim Benzema (Real
Madrid / France), Georgino Vinaldom (Liverpool / Netherlands), Virgil von Dyke
(Liverpool / Netherlands), Bernardo Silva (Manchester City / Portugal), Sun Heung-Min
(Tottenham Hotspur / South Korea), Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich / Poland),
Roberto Firmino (Liverpool / Brazil), Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City / Algeria), Lionel
Messi (Barcelona / Argentina) Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City / Belgium), Kalidou
Calibali (Napoli / Senegal), Antoine Griezmann (Barcelona / France), Mohamed Salah
(Liverpool / Egypt), Eden Azar (Real Madrid / Belgium), Marcinios (PSG / Brazil),
Rahim Sterling (Manchester City / England) and Joao Felix (Atletico Madrid / Portugal).

Last four-year footballer of the year:

Integrated FIFA Ballon d & # 39; Or

21 Lionel Messi

21 Lionel Messi

212 Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

21 Lionel Messi

The best balloon for FIFA men's players
D & # 39; Or

28 Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano

28 Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano

Luca Madrich

21 Lionel Messi

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