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Mey married?

Mehjabin, photo: Kabir Hosnan

Sound around & # 39; Popular TV on TV Mehejben ChowdhuryBut that marriage is hiding, or it does – it does not open the thrusts. But Mahzab opened it. Not only the mystery of marriage, but much more.

– The stars will get married hidden. What do you believe in this idea? "Mzabeen smiled to hear the question. "Not. Marriage is a big step in life. It was organized by the organization of all people, only with the blessing of all. "

A few days ago on Facebook, in the photo of Mehjabina, saw the family, relatives and buzz that surrounded him. Everyone is sitting in a mahfile! The Mehdi puts insides on Instagram. And the pictures of Meheziben's women. What is a secret? We do not go directly to these questions. It can be embarrassing. You can also be angry. So, be very careful to sit with Mahazibi.

We talked about the shootings in the Utah last Sunday. Huge anxiety was in Mehjabina. In the make-up room, where Afran Nissoh plays, he talked to the second scene. Hususutivara Dialogue Newcomer We have seen how it is intercepted. Assistant Director for Exchange of Exchanges. Next scene scenes. That day is the last day of the drama. Nine in the night. She still looked a little further. So this is a puzzle. Mehzabin and Nisso came to the scene. The end of the next scene will be the only thing that will end. But in the dark mist there was good news like a month, and the next scene was just Afran Nissor.

Human mouth, human word

Mathematicians Haseen Mehjab came to the context of marriage. It's hard to understand what a secret laughs. – I do not know why everyone is asking me this question. I always get congratulations from everyone. I know, I'm very surprised and confused about this incident. "Stop talking one at a time." Now tell me straight away, the rumors of your marriage are heard. What is a real mystery? Muzzane Clever – It has been proven many times. Once again, answer this question. He said: Your question was answered in the same. Just crying. That's what I said, I do not understand myself. Some newspapers reported news.

He does not stop talking. Mehzabin got the word today. – When marriage happens, everyone will know. As soon as the event is small, I will not do it secretly. At least the closest people and journalists can say. Even if I do not call, I'll marry, marry, but I can not invite you now. After a great event, I will celebrate with everyone. But why tricky?

Do you think he did not marry you?

Question is not coming, and I no longer think of a wedding. Prevention of marriage before 2022-23. SE a Simple Emission. He added: "Many people say a lot of things, but I do not think about it. Because, with so much attention, I can not remember. "

But what is love?

"Then we're sure you did not marry." He said, "Is there any doubt?" Can any of my wedding photographs, any event, say? Even if it's fast, some people have to know. Is not that right? Is it possible to hide at this time?
But what is the love of Mehjabina? Without spending the sentence, he said, "No, I'm just one." But there is an extension of love. What are the lies? He is now on the run. He said: "No, something should be something, at one time everyone will know everything." But, no matter what the buzz, Mehbiben says, marriage wants his parents to love. For lovers of good will, that's what he is Before going to another topic, he said, "If you want to meet someone with the audience, you will present him as a husband." I think that will be his greatest honor. At the same time, when he meets me, let him know as a wife. That will be the best result of our relationship.

The mystery picture

This time Mehzabin opened the mystery of several pictures. Photos that shuffle, talk, criticize, and congratulate. First, paint the Mehdi Range range. It is well run by Mizanur Arian, and you are also a picture of the drama. But just by investing Instagram in Hathwari Mehdi, the secret is not tied. I want to know, also about pairs of pictures. – Such a horror play in the drama. That's one of them. "But social media has been seen on Facebook a few days ago, some of which are overwhelmed, some close to him and you get munajs. It looks like a good job is going to happen.

Mzjabin laughs this time. "And they all thought I married?" This picture is the birthday of my eldest daughter Mehwine's daughter. Milad got his home on his first birthday. So very close people are called. Then someone set up a picture and diverted the party. If you do not know the last story, then people think of many things, I understand that.

He does not pay much attention to many things. Because, this girl who is drowning has to love all the work. In most shows she is a mistress or just a married woman. Who knows if they are now preparing for the future?

It is important that Mehjab's husband has five times

Be a creative mind.

● It will be very charming.

● Be honest.

● I need to understand

● I like human exclusivity. That must be in any case.

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