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Murder of Nusrat: Testimony of two friends on Monday

Nusrat Jahan Rafi

Nusrat Jahan Rafi

The prosecutor's office concluded the verdict of the plaintiff and Nusrat's brother Mahmoudul Hassan Nomani in the murder of Sonagajir Madras Nasrat Jahan Rafi of Feni.

The Prosecution of the Prosecutor's Office of the Women's and Child Repressive Court for Women, Mamunur Rashid, on Sunday, the second day ended the second day.

The court scheduled an interview with Nyrat's colleagues Nishat Sultan and Nasrin Sultan Fulti on Monday.

The Inspector of the Investigative Officer and the Police Investigation Bureau (PBI) said. Shah Alam said that 16 people charged with the murder of Nusrat were brought to court for stringent security for three witnesses, including a prosecutor in court. After the prosecutor and the witness in the case, the accused prosecutors questioned him.

According to sources from the court, State Attorney Hafez Ahmad and Prosecutor Attorney Shahjahan Saya said that on June 27, three witnesses, including a prosecutor in the case of Nusrat's assassination, were questioned. On that day, prosecutor Mahmudul Hasan Noman examined him after nine defense witnesses. After cross-examination of the remaining 7 prosecutors on June 30, the court ordered the following Monday, July 1st. At that time, all the accused were present in the court.

May 29 Feni Supreme Judge Md. In Zakir Hossain, Inspector of the Police Investigation Office (PBI) and investigative officer in the case. Shah Alam charges 16 people and charges 808 pages of indictments. On May 30, the indictee appeared before the court on the day of the dispute, and the court ordered a date for a hearing on the case on 10 June, and did not order the court to send a court to the Feni's Court for the Prevention of Women's and Children's Repression.

After the court formed an indictment on May 20 in an indictment on June 10. The Court on June 27 set the date of the signing of the three prosecutors. At the end of the verdict, the prosecution questioned him that day.

SM Siraj Uddin, 20, Shahadat Hossain Shamim, 20, former Senegal Senator Sonagazi Islamia Fazil Madrasa, Maksud Alam, former Secretary General of the Awami Sonagazi Municipal Assembly and another 50 people, Saifur Rahman Mohammad Jobair (21), Jabed Hossain alias Sakhawat Hossain (19), Hafez Abdul Quader (25), Abacher Uddin (33), Kamrun Nahar Moni (19), Umm Sultana alias Popy alias Tupin alias Champa / Shampa (19), Abdur Rahim Sharif (20), Iftekhar Uddin Rana (22), Imran Hossain alias Mamun (22), President Sonagazi Involved Awami and former Vice President Madrass Ruhul Amin (55), Mohiuddin Shakil (20) and Mohammad Shamim (20).

In this case, Madrasa Shire O Dowla, Nur Uddin, Shahadat Hossain Shamim, Um Sultan Poppy, Cameron Nahar Moni, Jabed Hossain, alias Sharif, Hafiz Abdul Kader and Jobair Ahmed, Emran Hossain Mamun, Iftekhar Hossain Rana and Mohiuddin Shakil. Acceptance of responsibility gave a statement.

Police have arrested Siraj Uddul, the director of Medrese, for sexual assault on Nusrat Jahana Rafi, who on March 27 this year reviewed Alim's interview with Sonagazi Islamia Fazil Madras. On April 6, the co-workers of the headquarters lit the Nusrat's body in the center of the Madras on the roof of the cyclone shelters. Nusrat Jahan Rafi died in a fight five days after his death.

Nusrat's older brother, Mahmoudul Hassan Noman, filed a case with the Sonagazi Model Police Station after mentioning the names of eight people, including Siraj Uddoulas.

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