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Mushfiq's work was created one day in 1317

He has made two twelfth centuries as the first Shiite shield in the world. Mushfiq after two centuries in Mirpur yesterday – AFP

Bangladesh spent another Golden Day test cricket. In the last four tests, bats gave great discomfort. RANGING RUNS RUNNING RING Mushfiqur Rahim hit the dirt with a blow. The only student found in the first class (historical section) in Bangladesh In the second twentieth century in the book's career, he began to stir the book.

Mushfiq made two double centuries as Bangladesh's first bomber player with yesterday's match. Shakib Al Hasan (217) was the best shooter in 219 unbroken tournaments, the highest individual score in the history of the country for the country. Mushfiq is the only player at the top of the game, not only playing, playing with the ball, but also on the wicket. In 589 minutes, 421 balls faced unique changes.

The world record has crossed the boundaries of the country. In the 141-year history of the test, the first guard-bat as two two hundred hundred is now Bangladesh. This is a two-legged shield against Zimbabwe. Mushfiqur, the best batsman in the world, can not be a member of Mirpuro's personal best in eight-run tests on the day of his achievement. Azhar Ali from Pakistan achieved a maximum of 226 flights in this game. If you know the team management in Bangladesh, this record may be adorned by the end of tomorrow, alongside a 31-year cricketer.

Mushfiq won in Bangladesh on Sunday in Mirpur. Under whose pressure Zimbabwe is broken? Continuing to 303 in 5 days, hosts added 218 candidates for yesterday's loss of two more wickets. Bangladesh declared the first conquest of 522 in seven wickets after a tea break in Mirpur. Captain Hamilton Masakadzaar (14) achieved Zimbabwe's 25 races for the only passage in the last afternoon. Bryan Chari attacks 10 and a triple strike of zero. On the second day of the match, the tournament still lasts for 497.

Bangladesh's rotation rotation was surrounded by Mushfiq's bat. At the end of the day, the hosts also got the driver's seat in the game. Mahmudullah could walk in the morning with Mushfiqqo after the insecure hitting yesterday.

Mushfiq was caught in a cautious bang, caught in the form of patience. In the first hour he won four races of 36 and in the first season only 34. Immediately after lunch, captain Mahmudullah, who won 36 wagons, came back with a pass by Jervis. Jarvis's fifth victim was Ariful (4).

However, on one hand, the constant Mushfiq wall remained. As a guardian, the team's wheel pulled her out. He was inconsistent in the imitated chain of children. The bomber has gone crazy after lunch and this bat is right.

The unrivaled record partnership of 144 leads to the eighth passive partnership with Mehdi Hasan Miraj. The second half of the century occupied the right hand Mira.

After 15 minutes of tea break, Mushfiq touched the turning point of the extraordinary twentieth century in 407. The celebration of Bambhabhanga celebrated the afternoon. The unblemished 219 runs in 18 quadruplets and 1 six. Picture of Mushfiq's blitz control clearly illustrates 99 singles in the disappointment of Zimbabwe. Miraj achieved unbeatable 68. After Mushfiq Shakib ball, Mahmudullah announced changes. Zimbabwe Jarvis took five wickets for 71 runs, one six-trick, and one wicket each.

In the wardrobe, Mushfiq received many congratulations on his mobile phone. Shakib Al Hasan was also on the list of messages. Outside Shakiba, for the injury, yesterday, the highest score for the white cloth, is written by Mr Dependable.

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