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Narayanganj's husband was wounded and wounded before the woman

Two days after the murder of Rifat Sharifa's wife before Bargune's wife, just two days after her husband's murder, her husband was beaten to death in Narayangni. This incident happened on Friday in Bandar's talking center.

Injured Shahin Mia (42), a painter in his vocation. He said that this attack was executed on him because of his protest against the harassment of his wife. Shaheen's wife, Bobby Akhter, filed a lawsuit against the accused at a police station in Bandara on Friday night.

In this case, five more were charged with the name of Amyad Hossain under the name of Balt Amyad (42), his sons Hridoy Hossain and Apon Hossain, brother Altaf Hossain and nephew Faruq Hossain from the speaker area. The police arrested Altafa on Saturday morning.

Shahin's family claimed that Amyad had long disturbed Shahin's wife. Two cases were filed against him before the law on the prevention of repression of women and children. The three-point charter has changed the house. Still, it was not possible to turn it off.

Shahin Mia is under treatment at Narayanganj Hospital in Khanpur with 300 beds First lightWho said, on Friday at 9:30 in the morning he went to buy mango from home with his wife. There Amyad began talking to her husband. His protest began with Amyad. At one point, Amyad, his two sons, and some associates, came up with a sharp weapon. During this time, the woman tried to rescue him from the attack. After a local attack, they searched him (Shahin) and locked them in the store.

Some said that Amyad was the son of the late Chowdhury of Mia Sardara in the area of ​​the speaker in the harbor. Participates in various criminal activities in this area. In the afternoon of the day, Shahjina helped save the kindergarten, and the school teacher Taherul Islam also attacked Amyad and his associates. When Tahrul came to protect him, his brother Akbar Hossain was also punished by a sharp weapon.

Officer at the Police Station Bandar Rafiqul Islam said Altaf was one of the accused in this case. Attempts to arrest other defendants, including Amjada's hiding. There are 12 cases, including the torture of women against Amyad.

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