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"Nayon became rude after reading dirty politics"

Sabbir Hossain Nayan

Sabbir Hossain Nayan (Nayan Bandi). Images of files

Sabbir Hossain, the chief accused in the sensational case of Rifat's assassination, provided various information about Nayan, his relatives and relatives.

Nayan Fufah Abdul Khalek Munshi claimed that Nayon was not a terrorist. He was a terrorist.

He told local news media Sunday that with the help of politicians and police Sabbir Hossain Noyon Mollah today is known as the most notorious Narayan Bond drug deceased and murderer across the country.

He said, living 15 years ago, after retiring from the Bargun State College, Patuakhali lived in the Dashmina family. Nine had been 9 to 10 years.

Nayan's cousin Safayet Hossain said, "We were born into two brothers Bargun, and our cousin Naoyan gradually became unpopular after defeating Bargun's dirty politics. After Mother's death, Mother did not listen to words.

He said we were in the family and social situation in the case of Rifata's murder in Barguni. We are also looking for a fair trial for the murder of Rifata. In addition, Nayon demanded that those who used terrorists be brought to court.

On Wednesday, Rifat took his wife Minni to Barguna Government College at around 10:30. On returning from college, Niyon, Rifat Faraji, along with two young Rifat Sharif youths, attacked the main door. At that time, they were kept stranded at Rifat Sharif with a sharp weapon.

The wife of Rifat Sharifa Minni tried to stop the evil. But the attackers could not be stopped. They went to Rifat Shareef for a long time.

Later local people took Rifata Sharif to the critical state and took him to the General Hospital of Bargun. After being taken to Barisal Sher-e-Bangla, Rifat Sharif died.

The deceased's family said that 4-5 people, including Nayan Bond, participated in the Rifata murder. Ayesha Siddika Minnear married a police station two months ago with Rifat. After her marriage, Nayan Minnich asked her lover to publish an unwelcome message in social media.

Rifat's father, Dulal Sharif, said Nayan constantly mistreated my power and posed unwanted postings in social media. Nayon, my son, was beaten by a bullet in his opponent's protest.

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