Sunday , January 24 2021

New Renault series phones are coming to the market

The global smartphone brand Oppo plays a leading role in the world of smartphones. The brand is constantly improving on its latest smartphones. Apo has designed its Renault series to further enrich the amateur photography experience with smartphones. After that, Apo will present a new phone of the Renault series in January 2021.

Apo launches the first Renault phone in mid-2019 to enrich the photography experience of the young generation of smartphones. Since then, the brand has created a number of phones in this series and has improved on each phone. The phones in this series are harmonized with the lifestyle of the younger generation, so that they can show their creativity in front of everyone with advanced technology, as well as easily communicate with their loved ones.

The new Apo Reno with advanced camera algorithm, unique design, revolutionary AI mixed portrait camera with powerful processor will surprise the experience of smartphone users. The great camera setting of this phone will give young smartphone camera lovers versatility. Oppo brings the Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) portrait video system to this phone. It is an image system designed specifically for portrait video effects. Portraits can be captured perfectly, in detail, in a variety of modes in combination with any dazzling lens.

This new phone from the Apo Reno series brings amazing improvements in the AI ​​sector. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset has been used for overall powerful performance. Every feature of the phone will facilitate the lifestyle of young people.

As a customer-led brand, Apo is constantly devising new innovative technologies in its smartphones and wearable and audio IoT products. These IoT products with advanced smartphones create the perfect smart ecosystem that makes life easier for young people.

Apo: Apo, the world’s leading smartphone brand, is committed to providing customers with a mix of industrial and innovative technologies. As a brand that symbolizes youth, new trends and beauty, to ensure a more unique digital living experience, Apo always offers its customers optimized internet products to provide the best service. With this brand, a new era of ‘selfie beautification’ has begun.

To establish a different picture in the world of smartphones, ‘Apo’ has brought a ‘Motorized Rotary’ camera, Ultra HD feature, 5X dual camera zoom technology. Apo played a pioneering role in creating the trend of taking selfies in the world of smartphones right after the launch of the famous ‘F’ series in 2016.

In 2016, Apo was selected as the fourth best smartphone brand in the world according to the IDC rankings. With more than 200 million customers in 40 countries and more than 400,000 stores and 4 R&D centers around the world, Apo continues to provide young people around the world with the best smartphone photography experience.

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