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Pritrakar "No"

Preity Zinta among Bolivian actresses differs from many others. Others are just busy with acting, but acting is a bit different. Preeta is also a successful businessman. Like cricket is his great choice. He is the owner of the Kings XI Punjab team at IPL. Hotel Preity Zinta returned property worth 600 kuna. Of course, it is possible for him. This property was taken over by Adity Baba Shander Amroli. Shandar, son of Bollywood's principal Kamal Amroli, was adopted by Amrioli Priety. Preet grew close to him. Priya got her 600 kronor worth of property in her death. But the acquisition of property was not allowed by Preity. That is why love affair is known to a great extent on their hard work. That is why he is a successful business man today. That's why it has easily managed to throw 600 crores of property.

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