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Qatar World Championships before the season Laurent Rivals from Bangladesh

In the pre-selection phase of the Qatar World Cup, the opponent of the Laos bangladesh team in Malaysia's Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur this morning the fate of 12 countries in the FIFA ranking was determined by a lottery. Where Laos' Name Has Occurred As Antagonist Bangladesh With Bangladesh And Laos In Yesterday Lotteries, Malaysia, Cambodia, Macau, Bhutan, Mongolia, Guam, Brunei, Timur, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Who Will Play Against Each Other In The # 39 ; and & # 39; B & # 39; which will play against them. The first stage will be June 6th. The second match of the match will take place on June 11th. The first match in Bangladesh will be in Laos. Bangabandhu Stadium in Dhaki on June 11th. The latest ranking of FIFA has already been decided in Bangladesh to play in the first round of the World Cup in Qatar. Bangladesh is in last place at 41st place in Asia. Which means 7 in 12 countries below. As a result, the first 6 in Malaysia, Cambodia, Macao, Laos, Bhutan and Mongolia will be one of the country's opponents in the World Cup selection – it was already known. Through the lottery, the two countries are named after two groups, which will play on the basis of home and absence in the first round of the election. The winning team gets the map of the second round. In the first round, six countries will join the second round. Team Six winners will be based on both domestic and foreign basis in the Asia-Pacific region's main event. There will be a total of 40 countries divided into different groups to play. 2018. Bangladesh was among the 34 Asian Cup qualifiers for the World Cup. So the opportunity to play from another round of service filled Bangladesh. As a rival, Laos is well-known in Bangladesh. In October last year, Bangabo's Gold Cup defeated Laos 1: 0 in Sylhet, teammaker Jamie Doerra lost. In March last year, a friendly match between Vientiane was 2: 0, but Bangladesh ended the game with 2: 2. However, Bangladesh had another game against Laos in 2003. The match that was 16 years ago was the choice of the Asian Cup. Bangladesh won Bangladesh with 2: 1. Captain Bangladesh Jamal Bhuiyan will gladly choose his opponent in the selection phase. The match will be relatively simple due to the presence of famous people in Taram. However, the distinguished director of the Satyajit Das Ruposur team. He said, as we know well about Laos, they also know about our weaknesses. The match will be tough. Fighting in the land is very important. If we can go back from Laos, we will be good for them. Meanwhile, Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) chief Abu Naeem Sohag said the national team camp started around the Qatar Quartet Quartet.

He said the BFF plans to organize more than one preparatory match before the election.

Pre-sort the draw
Bangladesh, Laos
Mongolia – Brunei
Macao – Sri Lanka
Malaysia Timor
Cambodia Pakistan

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