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Samsung's digital clock can be found cheaply

Samsung Electronics will add another three hours to its digital watch market. The company will bring Samsung's three new watches to Galaxy Watch Activated, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fit E.

Samsung claims that these modern watches with fitness and health will be the cheapest in their digital clocks. This health and fitness tracker provides a lot of health information. It's as much foot walking as you day, how much calories you spend, how much calories you eat, your heart rate, etc. It will track the trainee.

Each of Samsung's watches is made of smooth designs and waterproof technologies. Their claims, trackers can track activities up to 90. In which walk, starting from gymnasium to sport, all of which are waterproof, it's possible to swim through this watch.

Galaxy Watch is priced at $ 89.87 and Galaxy Fit Band is estimated at US $ 44.65 and Fit E price is $ 37.48. Galaxy Watch Active can be found in Amazon and Samsung's online and offline stores. Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit are available in Flipkart, Mentra and Samsung online and offline stores. For sale of Galaxy Fit E & # 39 ;, the reservation will start from July 1 to July 19. You can find this clock in Flipkart on July 5th.

Galaxy Activate will work with Tizen operating system, but with Android and iOS operating system. This will monitor the level of stress, as well as sleep, practice, and track. It has different sensors such as Acceleratometer, Gyroscope and Barometer. It also has a blood pressure monitor that will help you control your blood pressure. One-inch AmlaD screen with gorilla glass will be connected. It also has 768 MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory, wireless charging system, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Galaxy Fit is a slim and lightweight fitness tracker that can track up to 90 activities. It will follow walking, running, and heart-rate and heartbeat activity. It is made of waterproof technology so it can swim and fall. You can find phone messages and various notifications in this watch. It will have a blank display of 0.95 inches. A spare battery of 7 days may also be available for this watch.

On the other hand, the Galaxy E with the lowest price only weighs 15 grams, a 74-inch pimoloid display with zero decimal values ​​will appear. It also works with a 7-day spare battery. It can be followed as walking, running and running.

Galaxy Fit Black and silver colors and ornaments can be found in white, black and yellow colors. In the world of smart watches, wait a few days to see how successful new Samsung watches will be.

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