Sunday , June 20 2021

Shakib expects to turn the passage

From Chittagong: The first test series against West India can be seen in spherical spheres. Captain Bangladesh Shakib Al Hasan believes that Chittagong will get a wrap-around chain against West India.

I think the curator is trying to do something different. There is no need to talk too much about the wicket. Two teams will have equal opportunities. Look at me (so far) it seems the ball can rotate.

Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium has received the latest tests at Wicket-less wickets. In the first encounter of the Bangladesh-Sri Lanka series, in February 1533, it lasted for five days and only took 24 wickets. There was nothing for a ball in the lifeless game.

Bangladesh's spin energy spots. The number of specialized spinner's in the 14-member team Moreover, the spin of the West Indies may not be as shy as Sri Lanka, but may have to be in danger. Karip Vulnerability in Spin Matching Demerit shows again with fear! It is understandable that bowling takes precedence.

Still, Chittagong's character is more about the history of bats talk. Although Shakib is an exception,

"Wicket will be like a passage for a good test match." "It is not possible to evaluate at all." The longer you go, the more often the entrance pass becomes better.

Captain Windies Craig Brathwaite gave the idea of ​​separating the wicket in the first test, which coincides with Shakib's statement.

"We thought we were such wickets, something dry, maybe a movement might be available in the first hour, and I think it is a spin-assisted type commonly found in Bangladesh.

But as well as the wicket, Shakib has kept high expectations for the bat, "We will try to hit better, we can keep the team in good condition, it can not be a high school game, if you have a pretty high station, you can achieve 300 plus. node, then it can be done 400-500, especially in the first changes, which will be our first-time advantage. "Everyone will try to make a big change, whether it's personal or on the side of the team."

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