Monday , July 26 2021

Shawmy also criticizes one pound smartphone

The smartphone has criticized Shawmy for only £ 1 in the UK. The Chinese technology company had to face criticisms of only two or three devices that promote "flash cell" and "crazy work," and the final message was released.

Shawmy has recently started officially selling a smartphone in the UK. On this occasion, the brand led the campaign to sell two new models of two kilos in two weeks in a row.

However, users complained that campaigns only sold two or three mobile handsets. At the same time, in a few moments of campaign, the devices are closed and closed.

Technology experts say the Shawmis website is coded in such a way that all devices that are offered within the bidding are received without confirmation of whether the devices are sold. And in the virtual world, as everywhere, they discussed about Shawomi.

In one statement, Shawmy admitted admitting to the subject. However, it is also expected that Shaw fans will not be discouraged by participating in this campaign in the future.

Spokeswoman Shawmy told the BBC that we have been organizing such flashes in different countries since the beginning of 2013. Our goal is to give some lucky winners a mobile phone at a nominal price.

The spokesman also said that this type of campaign in the UK was the first time for us. This campaign attracted a large number of people, as we did not even guess. We are sorry that many people could not take this offer. But we hope that when we launch such a campaign, Shawm fans will win the cellphone by participating in it.

More recently, Shoomy has started with campaigns and promised that high tech mobile phones will enable low cost users. And quickly gained popularity among users. In general, there are a large number of Shawumi propagating devices. In the second campaign sponsored in Spain last year, 50 bids were awarded on offer.

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