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Sirajganj bakayadera AL, relief in BNP

Chairman of Awami League and Health Minister Mohammad Nasim, Seat-Sirajganj 1, AL > Six Places in Sirajganju Most Places in the Awam League There are internal conflicts between leaders and workers. Although there is no strong candidate for a partner party, the party is under great pressure because of the appearance of candidacy. On the other hand, the number of BNP candidates in three places is high, but the party is in a very convenient position because there is no conflict.

Several sources told the party that he was the only candidate among the six Sirajganj-1 districts (part of Kazipur-Sadar) in the Mohamed Nasim and Sirajganj-2 (Kamarkhand-Sadar) constituencies. In the remaining four electoral constituencies, internal conflicts became open and due to excessive nomination, there was a break. Although the BNP campaign is not the same, the party is comfortable because there is no conflict between the candidates.

Awami League President Abdul Latif Biswas said, "Big parties may have more than one candidate, although party conflict somewhat, its manifestation is not present, planners and workers are working to secure the ship's victory in six places.

At the 2008 parliamentary elections, the BNP won the place (Sirajganj-2). The Awami League won the remaining five seats. In the 2014 elections, the elections were held in the Sirajganj-5 (Belkuchi-Chauhali) constituency. In the remaining five places, the Awami League candidate was unquestionably elected.

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Sirajganj-1 (part of Kazipur-Sadara): This headquarters is known as the Fort of the Awami League. There is no conflict between Awami League parties in this constituency. Minister of Health Mohammad Nasim and as a candidate for the place. The idea is that the Awami League will be the winner.

Sirajganj-2 (Kamarkhand-Sadar partially): Supreme Secretary-General Habib Millat is the only candidate of the current deputy and district of the Awami League. He was in the field long ago. However, there is a buzz that Party President Jatiya Aminul Islam may nominate a nominee in the party. However, he has not yet started the campaign.

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<p>Sirajganj-3 (Raiganj-Tarash): There is an internal conflict in this headquarters. Currently MP May. President Amyad Hossain and the Awami League used Abdul Huq have a serious quarrel. In addition, there is also the distance between the leader of the Awami League and Raiganj workers. As a result, the group is divided into two parts. Together with these two, President Raiganj Involved Awami League and District Bus-Minibus Coach Malik President Abdul Hadi Alamazi, son of late deputy Ishaq Hossain Talukder's son Emon Talukder, leader Swachip and director of the hospital Dhaka Shishu Abdul Aziz, a prominent businessman and leader of the Awami League. Lutfar Rahman, Vice President of Krishak's League, Abdul Latif and Shakhawat Hossain are hoping for appointments. However, Amy Hossen's irregularities in the constituency and corruption in this constituency are widely discussed among voters. Accordingly, water negotiations between party leaders and workers so that Mohammad Nasim can be nominated to maintain the seat. </p>
<p>Sirajganj-4 (Ullapara): In this seat, Awami League conflict is now in its best. Former MP asked for candidacy Current MP Tanvir Imam with Shafiqul Islam has an open dispute. The former candidate was also on the list of candidates. Zahidul Haque, the current president Has used Maruf-bin-Habib and the daughter of the late deputy Abdul Latif Mirza Selena Mirza. Everyone has long been in the field of politics. </p>
<p>Rafiqul Islam Khan, acting party secretary, was elected as the founder of the Jamaat at this headquarters. Campaigns are in areas where they will make special choices.</p>
<p>Sirajganj-5 (Belkuchi-Chauhali): Awami League President and District Council President, former Minister Abdul Latif Biswas, represent the rivalry of the present representative, Abdul Majid Mandala, with the event. Leaders and workers are also divided into two categories. They both hope for the nomination. Majid Mandal is a little away from politics for health reasons. However, Vice President Abdul Rahman, son and mandal of the group, Mamin Mondal, Sports Secretary of the Central Jubo League Mushfiqur Rahman, Secretary General Dhaka Banani Awami League Mosharraf Hossain, Belkuchi President Involved Mohammad Ali, Judge District Court Judge and Awami League District Governor Abdur Rahman hope to name,</p>
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