Thursday , May 6 2021

Srabanti in the kitchen, personal pictures of a virgin actress

Who does not like to peek into the stars' lives. Which is the favorite star of personal life? Fans are interested in it No matter how often it is possible to post different types of photos regularly in social media.

Srabanti Chattopadhyay is also very active in social media among the popular stars of Tolpahar in western Bengal. Shabanti sometimes published pictures with her son or with her family. Recently, actresses published pictures of the kitchen. Wherever Srabanti sees, real bread Best time in the title of the photo

But this is not the first time, sometimes the personal moment of life of Srabanti comes in social media. Whether it's a swing or a jumping game with a boy.

In fact, a recent edition of Shabanti-Soham para "Goglija" was released. This has already caught the mind of the viewer. In addition, the actress was busy shooting the film around Saheba Bhattacharye. However, not only from Srabanti, but also from Arpite Chattopadhyay, many earlier films by Tolly Pachari have been made into a social media virus.

Source: Zee News

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