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The attack was planned for two years, and targets were Bangladesh criatracks – purboposhchimbd

Posted: 16 March, 01, 01:24 | Updated: March 16, 2014, 2:11 am

In the terrorist attack in Christchurch, two mosques in New Zealand were killed until the last news. More than half of them were injured. Three Bangladeshi local residents in Bangladesh reportedly reported that eight Bangladeshes were admitted to the hospital during gunshot injury Police have arrested four people, including a woman suspected of involvement in the incident. Meanwhile, international media have announced attackers based on power.

28-year-old suspect Australian striker, Brenton Trent, during the attack, social media attackers shot live. Two days before the attack, he said about the preparations for the attack. A Muslim leader said the assault on Thursday (March 14th). The assailant said he planned an attack after winning foreign assailants in European countries. He plans an attack for two years.

According to the attacker in question, the attackers targeted a terrible attack on Christchurch Mosque in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi cricket players can go to the mosque in the mosque, overseas, assailants are planning to attack cricketers from Bangladesh, the authorities claim.

Fortunately, Bangladesh cricketers are late in the mosque. The mosque in Bangladesh was due to enter the mosque at 13:30. At the end of the press conference at 13:40. The incident happened before they came to them.

When the Bangladeshi buses reached the mosque, the bloody body of the woman came out from the inside and fell into the stomach. The cricketers have not yet understood what the event is. They probably entered the mosque, unless the lady had told the Bangladeshi cricket from the car beside the bus, there was a gunshot inside. I'm in the car. Do not go inside.

The cricketers are now trapped in the bus and there is enough. Because the police stopped traffic on the street right after the road. As they sat on the bus, they discovered that many people were lying in the bloody position in front of the mosque. Many people come out with a bloody body from the mosque. Critters who became frustrated with panic Because there was no security worker on the bus, the local liaison officer was not there either. But after all, cricketers from Bangladesh can safely depart from that area.

The New Zealand Herald reports that when the shooting began in the mosque, cricketers from Bangladesh arrived there shortly thereafter. After that they moved quickly.

Bangladesh manager Khaled Masud said players train at Hagley Oval in Christchurch on Friday morning. From there, some of their mosques went to read the Friday prayers. But they could safely go back to the hotel.


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