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The director was killed in the private car of the teacher of the same madrasa

Poor Maulana Shaykhul Islam. Photo: Collected

Director Dhak, a private teacher of the same teacher from Madras, Osmaninaga, was killed in Sylhet. The incident occurred around 10:30 on Thursday at the mouth of the Birunga road below the Sylhet-Dhaka highway. The deceased parent's family claimed that, due to prejudice, Lutfur Rahman, a teacher of the same medrese department in Bangla, was abducted by his personal car and killed Maulan Shaykhul Islam principal.

The deceased was identified as Maulana Shaykhul Islam (50). He is the son of the late Ustata Ali, from the village of Anantapur, Bibimbharpur from Sunamgan, the leader of Fazilatunnessa Fazil Madrasa from the emperor.

Local sources reported that Maulana Shaykhul Islam went to Burunga Sheikh Fazilatunnes Fazil Madras on a motorcycle on Thursday morning. Lutfur Rahman, a teacher from the same middle class in Bangla, was hit by a car with a car behind the entrance to Burunga Street on the Dhaka-Sylhet highway from the Burunga Road. At that time, a motorist Maulana Shaykhul Islam was killed on the spot. By information, police station Osmaninagar visited the place and found the body. Then a personal car was captured, but driver Lutfur Rahman fled.

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Sub-Inspector Sherpur Highway Police Station Kamrul Islam said: "The mother of madrasas, who died in a car accident, planned to go to the road police after leaving the site.

Police Officer Osmaninagar SM Al Mamun said, "According to the information, the police found the bodies and sent them to hospital Sylhet Osmani for autopsy." The private car was detained and taken to the police station, but an oral complaint was received that the same teacher The medrese intentionally killed the director Maulana Shaykhul Islam, who was first killed by private operators. If a written complaint is received, the actions will be taken after the investigation.

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