Tuesday , June 15 2021

The girl was kidnapped by her father, 3 hours after the body was found

The police have returned the body of the girl after she has kidnapped her and left her father in Ashulis three hours after she took her. Bodies were found on Saturday (November 10th) in the Maragang area.

Parents said the victim, Zarina Khatun, went to a girl's house in the Gazirchat Ashulije area with the father of Akbar Ali Khan. On the fifth they traveled to Tangail from Ashuli's unique area about 17 o'clock. After a certain distance, bus passengers took their belongings and money. In the meantime, Akbar Ali Khan was beaten up and taken to the Hassle Bridge, and the girl was kidnapped.

After helping the local population, police have saved Akbar Ali. Later, the police found the body of the girl in the Muraganga area, about three kilometers away from the scene at around 20:30. The victim filed a written complaint with Ashuli at the police station about the incident. The police are trying to identify the defendants.

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