Monday , March 1 2021

The Prime Minister will see & # 39; burn & # 39; before release

(Priyakama) Prime Minister Sheikh Hasin will watch the movie 'Dahan' who plays Shiam Ahmed-Puja Cheri and Zakia Bari Mam before the release of the film.

The Social Media Channel, November 7, in the status of actress Monira Akhter Mithu, said this information.

Mithu said: "The honored Prime Minister will see the picture in the 10th place. With the eyes of Monira Mithun's eyes, the prime tears will also fall on the picture, I'm sure. Thanks, Jazz Multimedia, thanks to Dahan team.

Meanwhile, the source linked to the film said that November 10th this photo could be a special show.

Photoalar Raihan Rafi said: "The prime minister has decided to watch the movie, the report is really good, but time and space are not complete.

The film is designed to discourage terrorism and drug abuse. The central character of the film is Shiam Ahmed and Puja. Siam was drinking here as a drunken young man. Pooja can be seen as a girl dress.

Besides, Zakia Bari mom is a journalist. Actress Monira Mithu also plays an important role.

Photo courtesy of Jazz Multimedia, it is reported that the film is a political revision. This is the main point of the picture, if no soul falls into a change of power game.

Delwar Hossain gave a story of "Dahan's Image". Take photos at different locations, including FDC, Tongi Elephant, Pubail, Shahbag

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