Monday , March 1 2021

The united front of the leader of the EC is irrefutable

HT Imam The leader of unregistered national united front group is at a meeting with the Election Commission (EC) Advisor for Political Issues of Prime Minister HT I have stated that the BNP leader expressed fears that the EC raised the topic on Wednesday, which is undeniable.

Today, the delegation of the 17-member Awami League, led by HT Imam, was held in the afternoon of the EZ on Wednesday afternoon. After the dialogue, a press conference was held in the office of the EC on behalf of the Awami League. In this briefing, HT I have talked about the schedule of elections and various voting topics.

HT said, recently the EC was in dialogue with several groups. These dialogues were fruitful. But the exception of national frontal unity. A group of unregistered leaders who were with them made primitive debut in the dialogue with the EC. The list of frogs showed fear. Such behavior is inexplicable. The people of the country will not tolerate it. People will respond by vote.

HT have said, because with the government, we have a lot of responsibilities. The Awami League has its own electoral cell. The research of the research cell is a study of choices. We have suggested the EC on how to improve the choices. Schedule of schedules or date of election is the same as EC.

I have said that the Awami League advised women to hold appropriate voting booths. International and domestic observers had to keep track of their registration. Someone will say I will not be observers with tourist visas. The CEC said EVMs would be used in limited elections. The Awami League proposal is to train candidates for EVM candidate candidate selection training. It is said that none of the private banks or non-governmental organizations can nominate voters.

As for the deployment of the army, Imam said, the Awami League had not objected earlier, but it did not. The military will be deployed by law. According to the Criminal Procedure – CRPC. They will be engaged as a shock force. The elections will be held with the participation of all parties, this is the hope of the Awami League. As far as a united front program is concerned, I have said that violence over the schedule will not be acceptable.

Regarding the Awami League Dialogue, EC Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed told reporters that the EC morning had held a dialogue with Jatiy's party (JPA). Japan said the timetable for the election was not a sup- port. The Awami League also gave the same advice in the afternoon. They said that the EC was chosen in accordance with the constitution and the law. The Awami League further said it had no dialogue with any other party before the schedule. However, there will be no dialogue with any party, ECE will decide.

On Monday, a delegation from the national united front discussed rescheduling the timetable with the EC. There were rumors that Mahmudur Rahman Manna's organizer of civil unity was executed in the EC (Hot Sentinel Civil unity is not registered as a political party.

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