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The woman is associated with an "unethical" Chittagong doctor … – 732202 | Kaler Kantho

Mustafa Morshed Prakash Akash, a physician's body was found in the Chandgona area of ​​Chittagong. He said he committed suicide with a controversy with his wife. On Thursday (January 31st), his body was found in his home at No. 20 in the Chandgona residential area, 20 on Sunday.

Nayek Mohammad Hamid, who worked at the Chittagong Medical College (Chemek) hospital, confirmed this question at about 6:30. Akash was taken to Chemek Hospital, but his acting physician proclaimed he was dead. It is still not safe whether the injection is injected by the sky or by suicide. There are no traces of injury in the body.

He also said that his cousins ​​said that Akhash committed suicide by fighting with his wife at night. It is well known that the son of the late Abdus Sabura in Barkal Bangla Bazar area of ​​Chandanaish has become. Identity Tanjille Chowdhury Miter with Sky since 2009. They were married in 2016. Before the suicide of the sky, several screenshots appeared on the screen, where evidence of the involvement of Mitriti's alien was found.

On the Facebook profile of the sky it is apparent that the status of immoral relationships is displayed in his account at his wife's account in 4 hours. "I'm familiar with Tanjilla Huq Chowdhury Juvenile since 2009," states the status. He loves him and loves me very much. We love, love and drive. Our love is smaller than everyone knows. Many people also call crazy madness … I'm also dead of living. Then apologize for the night of the grave, with weeping tears, and it will never happen. I've been sorry for a year as a family. Then he went to America outside the country. In the middle of Eid, in 2018, again in September 2012, the preliminary USAML meeting was scheduled for my United States in February 2015. … I have said many times that if I do not like it, leave it but do not lie .

"My love has always been 100% to him, and I could not bear to bear any more." In our country there is no punishment for cheating, I have decided and forever chose the way of peace If you do not like other people, forgive yourself, do not lie or lie. I know that many people will not believe that such a nice girl I love to see, if anyone is inside, everyone is wrong for me, so I explained … … and your mother could not fulfill your dreams. compares.

It should be noted that Akash MBBS, the son of Abdus Sabura, from Barkal Bangladesh Bazaar from Chandnaish, was read by the FCPS.

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